Friday, March 23, 2007

Mister World 2007 - - Favourites

Thanks to a link provided by one reader, Mister World 2007 was a great contribution. Here are my TOP THREE favorites:

Anthony Hakim

Night club owner Anthony, 24, graduated with a degree in Business Administration and is currently studying for his Masters. Since winning his national title, Anthony says he has been most fulfilled when working with children and young people affected by cancer. “With just a little help, we could brighten their day and also help their parents get the best medical care,’ said Anthony. He hopes that should he win the title of Mr World, he would be able to build on the care he has shown to the children of Lebanon to help others around the world. He has also worked successfully as a model. Anthony speaks English, French and Arabic.

Alonso Fernandez Alvarez

Alonso, 24, is a model and assistant manager with a licence in business administration. He has high ambitions to be an important businessman who can benefit the national economy. He is also an enthusiastic sportsman who practices yoga and meditation, as well as gymnastics, acrobatics and swimming. Alonso speaks Spanish, French and English.

Hugo Villegas

Hugo combines working as model with his studies in System Engineering. Hugo is a keen sports man, playing basket ball, karate, judo and taekondo. When his busy schedule allows him some free time he loves to listen to music, acting and dancing to the rhythms of latin music. His ambition is to be successful in his career and lead a healthy life. Hugo speaks Spanish and English.

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