Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ricky Martin on Vacation...

Do you remember Ricky Martin when he was still in a group called Menudo? That was ages ago! It was a surprise to me while leaving in L.A., to see this man advertising tourism for Puerto Rico. I was enamored by his great looks and outstanding physique. It turned out that it was Ricky Martin - before he even hit it big time one more time as a solo artist.

Since then, women have fallen on their knees for this superstar. He is not only a a great model for young men, but also a philantrophist at that. Featured once on Oprah, Rick Martin started his own foundation to help people in need specially when a gigantic Tsunami hit the shores of Indonesia.

People for Children is a project of the Ricky Martin Foundation. The project funds community based programs, which monitor and combat a range of problems relating to the exploitation of children, with a focus on sex trafficking. The organization is also active monitoring and combating areas including debt labor, forced labor, modern day slavery and prostitution of children.

The Ricky Martin Foundation is actively collecting donations to implement high impact social projects in the regions of Asia devastated by the tsunami.

Contact Information:Ricky Martin Foundation
P.O. Box 13534
Santurce Station
San Juan, Puerto Rico
And all these years, Ricky Martin hasn't lost his vigor and stamina, keeping in top shape as the pictures below show:

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