Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Well Built Body with Awesome Faces…

Great bodies are one thing, but great faces adds another facet to the mix that creates more inspiring thoughts. I absolutely adore cute hunky guys that are neat, and well-dressed. Much more, if they are big-hearted, and friendly - the better. I’ve known a lot of guys that are not self-absorbed no matter how much they know of how great they look. They help old women cross the street, or volunteer their time to charitable work. That to me, makes up the whole ball of wax.

It definitely makes it easier to get hooked on a guy that is humble yet confident.


  1. hey i think that men are more beutiful when it comes to both the sexes. im not gay or chauvinist but i know that God created man first and he put the maximum beauty into him.

  2. amen to that anonymous! although i am gay, i still think that men have absolute beauty that can be admired by both sexes as well. thanks for the visit!!


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