Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When it comes to beauty, sometimes the body isn't enough

There are guys who take care of their body faithfully. They are called gym rats. Nothing can stop them from going to the gym - be it hell or high water. But, is having a great body enough? There are lots of other factors that affect the beauty of the male species.

One of the main factor is hygiene. You could have the most toned abs, or the bulkiest chest - but if you have body odor - you might as well forget it.

There are must-ships for great personal hygiene:

1. Take a shower daily.

2. Fresh Breath - brush and floss regularly, and visit your dentist!

3. Underarm deodorant is a must - use deodorant everytime you take a shower, even before going to the gym.

4. Body hair - if you are hairless - give thanks! But if you aren't, trimming is in. Make sure that there are no strays that are unsightly. Shaving is no longer for women only. Nose hairs are most important. TRIM IT!

5. Cologne - never leave home without it.

6. Moisturizer - a lot of guys think that this is for women only. WRONG! Use facial moisturizer with UV protection most especially during the summer months.

7. Lotion - a great body lotion protects your skin from cracking during winter months. Hey, it also helps your skin looks young and fresh.

8. Nails - if you want to be sexy, well-manicured nails (hands and feet) can never be wrong. Personally, my weakness is clean finger and toe nails. VERY SEXY!

These are the basics. If you can follow the 8 steps to better hygiene, you are on your way. As a reward, here's an example of a well-groomed man. Adrian Bellani of the soap opera, 'PASSIONS'.

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