Sunday, April 1, 2007

What exactly is a swimmer's build?

A term used to describe an athletic body type (i.e low body fat, flat stomach, etc.) in an online dating or chat profile. Mostly used in gay men's profile's online, the term has a generally positive or desirable connotation and covers all aspects of the "in shape" physique, not just the sport of swimming. Contrast with more disingenuous sports related body type euphemisms like linebacker build or football player build (fat), and runner build (skinny).

Here's an entry from

Frankly: I’m bored with jogging. The best evidence of this is that I’ve jogged perhaps half a dozen times in the past 3 months. No point in doing something you dislike, so I’ve taken up: swimming.

Here’s the plan: get up early every morning, swim laps for 1 hour, then go to school or work. It’s doable but will require a lot of discipline. No reason I can’t do it, though. I start tomorrow. I’ve bought: school bag, gym lock, swimming suit, and goggles. I’m set. The idea is to swim every day & eat sensibly in hopes of getting a swimmer’s build. You know what I mean.

The grand majority of women (and all gay men) lust after the swimmer’s build. Tall, broad shoulders, little body fat, extremely muscled and tonned without being bulky. The swimmer’s build is the epitome of fitness: an attractive body built to last. That’s right: sexual attractiveness AND stamina? No wonder women (and gay men) are attracted to this body type. Are you guys ready? If you want to get that bod, let's get on it!


  1. I can't sleep with all these pictures you know!

  2. I love swimmer's build. But if you are online chatting to find and meet met, swimmer's build takes on a completely different meaning.

  3. Ha-ha! Perry - I love your comment!

    Welcome to my blog. This is meant to motivate people to start working out and get out there...

    If you are not sleeping well, how could you wake up early in the morning and do laps?! :D


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