Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Gay or Straight? It doesn't really matter..

There were lots of occasions in my life when I've met straight guys and gay guys alike that are witty, personable, conscientious, and hot! Some of them good, some of them bad. And to think of it? I have had better relationships with straight men. Nothing but platonic friendships yet they are the best. They will protect you if needed, and will bat for you when you're down.

Somehow, the straight guys I know do not mind my being gay. They are accommodating and most of them envy the gay lifestyle. Barring all the trauma and identity conflict issues that gays go through, I think that we do have it good. It is becoming better because people are starting to change. We are a step closer to freedom.

As a tribute to my straight buddies out there - thanks for the support. This blog is for you too and I hope that my postings do make a difference and make you want to yearn for a better body and a better life. Cheers!


  1. I understand on how you cope up with gay life. Going through the trauma of discrimination helps you go stronger (as a soul).

    No, I don't dream of a 'perfect body' but I know that cheering for TRUE persons is my greatest appreciation!

    Celebrate what's inside of you! Be a GENUINE human!

  2. hey kenneth - - thanks for the visit.. sorry for the delayed welcome ... but you are always welcome here. cheers!


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