Saturday, June 30, 2007

Of Bags and Men - LVOE with Louis Vuitton

What is this that everyone in the metrosexual world has started sporting 'man-bags' to every event? Or do I just see celebrities trying to show off designer totes because they are getting paid for it? I have always loved bags but I have a hard time shelling out 800 to 900 bucks, sometimes even more for a bag.

Is the trend really changing? Is there a need? Do you think that if they see Brad Pitt sporting a Louis Vuitton luggage set on his way to Cambodia, that men from all over the globe will rush to the nearest LV store? I doubt it. But on the other hand - why not?

Visit this one guy's blog - - passionate for LVOE!

In LVOE with Louis Vuitton: Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Beach, The Hunk and The Hard Body

I have been wanting to go to the beach for a while. I dreamt of it all winter long - and now, I can't even find the time to go. So, when I got the call from my buddy in DC asking me to go with them to Rehoboth Beach, DE., I quickly accepted.

Why? Rehoboth Beach is the mecca for studs on the east coast. During summer months, the beach is loaded with hard bodies and muscles. If you think Venice Beach in California is good, try Rehoboth Beach.

In preparation for my trip on July 4th, I thought it would be inspiring to review a few hunks. So here goes! Have a nice summer everyone!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Naval Plebe Summer - whew!! Ice water anyone?

Summer is definitely my weather. Time out at the beach, strolling at the park, hiking at the trails or even biking. But nothing else is better than sweating it out, getting fit and showing off your bod that you worked very hard for. Or maybe, the is something better... YES there IS!
It's the Plebe Summer at the U.S. Naval Academy - - whew! Please, someone give me a towel. Enjoy!!!

According to Wikipedia...

Plebe Summer begins at the end of June or the beginning of July, and is called Induction Day, known around the yard as "I-Day". On Induction Day, all the Plebes show up to Alumni Hall at the Academy, time staggered by their last names, and say their final good byes to their parents. Upon entering Alumni Hall they are greeted by the upper-class trainers, known as Cadre, who immediately begin the military indoctrination process by requiring the Plebes to address them with Sir or Ma'am 'sandwiches.' (i.e. Sir, yes, sir) Each Plebe is assigned an "Alpha Number" which is their identifying serial number that they will use for the rest of their Academy career.

The Plebes line up throughout Alumni Hall to receive their myriad of standard issue gear which includes several uniforms, combat boots, running sneakers and a copy of Reef Points (the book which the Plebes will become very familiar with over the course of the summer). All the male Plebes have their hair shaved off by Navy barbers and the females have their hair cut to a length which is considered up to military specifications (also known as being "Sat")[2]. The Plebes are next put through a series of medical examinations and vaccinations until they arrive at the back door of Alumni Hall where they are taught the proper technique for saluting. During this time, the parents of the Plebes are given a glimpse of the summer that their son or daughters will be going through in the form of a presentation by an administrator of the Academy.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Our Fizeek'd Man of the Month - Chad White

He's clean, he's gorgeous, and yes - - what a guy this is! Let's celebrate our man of the month for June - Mr. Chad White! Guys, let me know if chose the right guy for this month. I hope you will all agree! Cheers!