Saturday, June 30, 2007

Of Bags and Men - LVOE with Louis Vuitton

What is this that everyone in the metrosexual world has started sporting 'man-bags' to every event? Or do I just see celebrities trying to show off designer totes because they are getting paid for it? I have always loved bags but I have a hard time shelling out 800 to 900 bucks, sometimes even more for a bag.

Is the trend really changing? Is there a need? Do you think that if they see Brad Pitt sporting a Louis Vuitton luggage set on his way to Cambodia, that men from all over the globe will rush to the nearest LV store? I doubt it. But on the other hand - why not?

Visit this one guy's blog - - passionate for LVOE!

In LVOE with Louis Vuitton: Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30

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