Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Weekend Hunks

Alright, thanks for listening to my ramblings about I just thought you'd like to hear about it if you are blogging for money. If not, take it as an advertisement from me. ;)

I hope everyone had a great week and looking forward to things you had planned for the weekend. Take time to relax and enjoy the summer cause it's slipping away fast!!

To all you folks that have been faithful in visiting my blog, thanks! Here's your weekend treat! Look at these two hotties buying supplements from a health and fitness store!! Don't you want to just pinch them on the cheeks!!

Creating buzz for

Well, it's been a while since I made a personal entry on this blog. I couldn't help but share it with my readers because as you may know, I author several blogs and one of my blogs is about making money while blogging. I discuss in depth, different ways anyone could make money off of blogging. It is being done today, and will be done tomorrow.

I talk about Google Adsense, Pay Per Post, Review Me, and many other income streams that makes it possible to earn an income through blogging. The newest thing is Qoo Forum. It is similar to blogging. It is a forum where you discuss topics such as politics, news, or even male beauty like many of us would like to talk about. In the process, Qoo Forum provides an ad share revenue to the participants to an entry or posting. It is quick to register and it's free.

When I first started blogging, I didn't know how much income there is to be made while blogging. I realize a bit later that there are PLENTY of cash available through advertisers and such. To date, I have made approximately 1K since February from all the sources combined.

So, if you like to discuss matters over a forum - check out Qoo Forum and make money while doing it.

This is a sponsored post.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What is it with the boy next door that we crave for?

There is innocence, there is lust. Boy next door types have always been a desirable commodity but why? Is it because they are pure, and simple? Or is it the beauty inside of us that makes us want to jump out and touch someone? Who would want a scrungee-looking dude who looks like he hasn't showered for days? I was just thinking out loud. Anyway - hope everyone's having a great weekend. Here's to spice it all up for you! Cheers!

Nostalgia: QAF Brian is a bitch but we still love him...

There is power in being a bitch and being gentle at the same time. Not all bitches are heartless, and sometimes they are because they had to. In Brian's case - he had to. But when all is said and done - he's still hot!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Why do I love Ebay...

It's funny but I started a business on Ebay and became a Powerseller in one month. This was about four years ago. In the process, I realized what it takes to sell and what sells A LOT! It's all in the description.. and once in a while, I would go to ebay and check out the 'keywords' that creates best sellers. One of them is the word 'JOCK'. Did you know that all my listings included the word jock so that buyers would find them? Of course, my clientèle are all gay and I love them!!! My store has been moved off to my own store at

But here's what I find looking for 'JOCK' items on Ebay. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Reichen Lehmkuhl - Our 'Fizeekd' Man of the Month - July

Reichen Lehmkuhl (born December 26, 1973 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) is a gay former reality show winner, male model, and actor. He is arguably best known for winning season four of the reality game show The Amazing Race, and for his relationship with 'N Sync member Lance Bass.

Early life

After Lehmkuhl's parents divorced when he was five, his family moved to Norton, Massachusetts, and his mother remarried. He later changed his first name legally from Richard to Reichen. At age 16, he received his nomination from United States Congressman Barney Frank for admission to the United States Air Force Academy. After graduating in 1996, he served five years and attained the rank of Captain before his honorable discharge. He has since advocated for gay rights in the military as a spokesperson for Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

The Amazing Race

Lehmkuhl was working simultaneously as a Physics teacher at Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences, flight instructor and model in Los Angeles when he was approached by a casting director for The Amazing Race. Lehmkuhl and Arndt were a happy couple during the competition but have since split. Lehmkuhl moved to Dallas, Texas briefly after his win on The Amazing Race but before all episodes had been broadcast. Reichen's spending habits at that time caused speculation that he had won The Amazing Race — and that he and Arndt had broken up. During the show, the couple was typically described as "Married" in the subtitles that are used to illustrate the relationship between team members (other teams being, for example, "Best Friends" or "Father-Daughter").

Jewelry Line

Reichen was asked to submit designs for a jewelry line called Flying Naked. Items from the collection are being sold from Love and A percentage of each sale will be going toward the Servicemember's Legal Defense Network.