Sunday, July 1, 2007

Reichen Lehmkuhl - Our 'Fizeekd' Man of the Month - July

Reichen Lehmkuhl (born December 26, 1973 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) is a gay former reality show winner, male model, and actor. He is arguably best known for winning season four of the reality game show The Amazing Race, and for his relationship with 'N Sync member Lance Bass.

Early life

After Lehmkuhl's parents divorced when he was five, his family moved to Norton, Massachusetts, and his mother remarried. He later changed his first name legally from Richard to Reichen. At age 16, he received his nomination from United States Congressman Barney Frank for admission to the United States Air Force Academy. After graduating in 1996, he served five years and attained the rank of Captain before his honorable discharge. He has since advocated for gay rights in the military as a spokesperson for Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

The Amazing Race

Lehmkuhl was working simultaneously as a Physics teacher at Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences, flight instructor and model in Los Angeles when he was approached by a casting director for The Amazing Race. Lehmkuhl and Arndt were a happy couple during the competition but have since split. Lehmkuhl moved to Dallas, Texas briefly after his win on The Amazing Race but before all episodes had been broadcast. Reichen's spending habits at that time caused speculation that he had won The Amazing Race — and that he and Arndt had broken up. During the show, the couple was typically described as "Married" in the subtitles that are used to illustrate the relationship between team members (other teams being, for example, "Best Friends" or "Father-Daughter").

Jewelry Line

Reichen was asked to submit designs for a jewelry line called Flying Naked. Items from the collection are being sold from Love and A percentage of each sale will be going toward the Servicemember's Legal Defense Network.



  1. Oh my god - Reichen is so incredibly hot. I LOVE his new jewelry line and it’s nice to see a gay celebrity actually giving back to a good cause. Does Reichen come with the jewelry?

  2. I know right! He is just so hot! If he came with the Jewelry, I would have him right now. ;)

  3. Moi c'est la cravate qui me plaiiiiiiiiiiit!!!

  4. Ok, so I checked out the jewelry line and it is great, BUT couldn't Reichen pose nude a little more is some of the pics?

  5. boytoy!! you are funny! I thought the same way... so far, no nudies.. he-he!

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  7. did reichen and lance split up?
    or are they still on?

    huhuhu. reichen is hot.

  8. yup - they broke up again - permanently. lance is now dating a hot brazilian guy... probably hotter than reichen. ;)

  9. ahhh.. so that was true.
    yeah i saw a pic somewhere of that hot brazilian papa.

    i agree, he is hotter than reichen.
    si mama lance talaga. grabe ang beauty


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