Friday, July 13, 2007

Why do I love Ebay...

It's funny but I started a business on Ebay and became a Powerseller in one month. This was about four years ago. In the process, I realized what it takes to sell and what sells A LOT! It's all in the description.. and once in a while, I would go to ebay and check out the 'keywords' that creates best sellers. One of them is the word 'JOCK'. Did you know that all my listings included the word jock so that buyers would find them? Of course, my clientèle are all gay and I love them!!! My store has been moved off to my own store at

But here's what I find looking for 'JOCK' items on Ebay. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

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  1. hey, so this is one of your blogs huh.... i just saw it from my bloglog..., i want a body like that body--- can i still achieve it with my present status?.....
    cheers to you my frend--- don't hesitate to come over my world...i will be waiting for you then--bring some oldies pinoy movies--- LOL... i would love to watch rogelio dela rosa and carmen rosales again and again and again...(Kulitz ko noh!)....

    this is your frend,
    dom OSB


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