Saturday, September 1, 2007

Leandro Ghidini - Our 'Fizeekd' Man of the Month - September

Sometimes I like them muscular, and sometimes I just like them with a swimmer's build just like Leandro Ghidini. You cannot be thinner than Leandro to excite me - you have to be like him and more built up. Either way, I think he's sexy and awesome. I just wanted to share his pics from you. Photos courtesy of "The Boy".

Leandro is from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Born on June 28th, 1985. He weighs approximately 150 lbs (72 kgs), with a birth sign of Cancer. He is Catholic, likes pasta and rides the motocross as a hobby. In spite of that almost infantile glance, Leandro Ghidini, of 22 years, demonstrated that sometimes the glances deceive, being photographed in sensual poses mainly. Its test for The Boy was made in a beach of the Paulista coast for the shoot and for pleasure. The boy left his native city to touch his luck in the Paulista capital. Seven months ago he left from Ferreira, inside San Pablo, to begin his career to be a model. Thus, all this arose unexpectedly in the life of colored person. An agent of models found it in a site of contacts of Internet and she proposed to him to do a photography book. And Leandro seems to have talent, as much that in January he was selected to march past in the edition of inveirno of San Pablo Fashion Week. Meanwhile, his great goal is to be an actor. For that reason he studies theater in the Paulista capital. Meanwhile, to live far from the family and friends causes certain nostalgia to him, and for that reason it returns to his hometown once per month. Of good heart, he says that he does everything for and always thinking about the people whom he loves. "Well I am wanted by my friends, and people gives me the confidence", he affirms. His beautiful physical form is habitual fruit of gymnastics and races, practices one or twice per week. His diet is not nothing special: it is enough with not eating candies nor drinking soda waters. Being really attractive for opposite sex, his heart already has an owner. "I fell in love two years ago, but as it is of the interior we see itself every 15 days", it counts. "He is jealous, but not enough to separate to me from my goal", he concludes.

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