Thursday, October 11, 2007

Now - the Celebrity Post. Of course, I have to be naughty.

I was browsing the internet the other day. I wasn't sure what brought me to it but I read the intitials VPL. It sounded interesting to me not knowing what it was. They just seemed to associate it with sexiness and a lot of other naughty things. I decided to check it out and guess what I found?!!! Whoah! I didn't know that's what it meant?! So to help you, my readers - understand - here are the pics. It would just make it simpler so I don't have to explain.

Almost Friday!! Have a great weekend guys!

Just click on the strip images to enlarge. Believe me, you would want to enlarge it.. :D


  1. LOL =O

    i love your post!!!

  2. anonymous. thanks~! i'm glad you love it - cause i do too!! ;)

  3. now these pics really made me drool.... hehehe! whew!

  4. those bulges tell me something must be yummy inside, hmmm...

  5. haha!!

    $lordmanila - i bet you there is!! ;)

    $ prue - i'm still drooling... he-he!


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