Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Texas Hold'em.. what is it without the chips?

Oh I forgot to tell you. While I was at the family reunion, my nephew liked my Nissan Murano so much that he offered to wash it. Not only that - he even wanted to change the oil when I told him that I haven’t changed my oil since March. I thought, hmmm - why is he doing all of these for me?

I helped him wash my car, I vacuumed the interior, I wiped the leather seats with the leather protector and used Armor All to polish the dashboard. He washed the exterior, and waxed it afterwards. He even used Tire-Shine to give my car the fresh-from-the-dealer look. I was really thankful but I didn’t think about giving him anything for his efforts while I feasted on the Maryland Blue Crabs and all the food laid out on the table.

On my way home, I felt guilty that I didn’t even give him anything. Maybe a little cash would have done it but I just totally spaced out. Then, I remembered. He was so proud of the Poker set and table top that he had but we didn’t have the proper place to play the game. We just played at his dining table. DING!!! That’s what I will get him I thought. I will get him a poker table with matching poker chairs, complete with poker chips. I think that would be the best give to give him since his birthday is coming up anyway. Just to show him that I appreciated what he did for me. He could have been relaxing with us but instead he opted to clean my car.

I guess I will be shopping for poker chairs & poker chips this weekend!

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