Thursday, November 8, 2007

English Rugby Players - as sexy as the French if not more...

Ever heard of Ben Cohen? Yup - he's an English Rugby Player and if you haven't seen a glimpse of him - - hold on to your seat. Here's a preview...


For more of Ben Cohen, visit his blog here. And you can visit his site gallery for more yummy pics. AND GUESS WHAT? He's GAY FRIENDLY TOO!! That's our man!!


  1. ang guwapo nga niya, i swear, i like that last picture of him ay super yummy ng kanyang chest, walang panama si david beckham, hehehe

  2. hehe - vote din ako diyan sister. I don't know kung bakit laging namo-moderate and mga comments mo eh regular visitor naman kita.. ;)

    welcome and thanks for always coming back..

  3. he reminds me of dr. jack shepard of LOST. But more hot!

  4. i just thought of it when you said that.. you're right chase!!

    wait for more hunky entries..


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