Saturday, January 19, 2008

Protecting your valuable artwork.

I have collected a lot of artwork through the years. My most recent one was a gift from an artist buddy. A naked man drawn in charcoal. It is breath-taking to say the list. Other than nude male paintings, I do have artwork that are of culture and caliber that needs constant attention. If you are a collector, you have to know how to rotate your artwork at home. You have to know which artwork to display and which artwork to store.

The storage is the tricky part. If you are in need of storing your "pricless" artwork in the attic only to be destroyed by insects or moisture, you better look for another place to store undisplayed art. There are art storage companies and if you possess any of these high valued items, you must entrust these items to experts like Mind's Eye.

Don't take chances. Instead, take advantage of the best services available. They are experts in protecting, transporting and vaulting your artwork. They utilize the most innovative protection techniques and protocols to ensure that your art will stay in its original condition, no matter how long the journey. They know how to handle priceless antiquities. From customized protective wraps to one-of-a-kind crating procedures, our transport professionals tailor measures that assure proper, safe transport for each article.

If you need professional art storage, Visit Mind's Eye.

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