Saturday, January 19, 2008

A new form of advertising. Audio Ads

There are many ways to advertise. You can advertise in print, advertise on television with visual and audio, or the radio for audio advertising only. The effectiveness of advertising also depends on its type. Is it a push type advertising (TV and Radio) or a pull type advertising (newspaper, magazine)?

I recently discovered Audio advertising. You can gain residual income through advertising posting a 5 second audio on your blog and get paid by advertisers by doing so. Audio ads as seen in the wall st. journal is becoming popular now and if you get in it now, the potential for adding income to your blog is limitless.

Pay Per Post programs and Pay Per Click programs are good programs to have if you want to earn income from your blogs, but gaining passive income from your blogs through could be a little more trickier. You have to have the traffic to gain advertiser endorsements. However, if you start joining these programs now, you can easily get endorsements as soon as your blog gains higher traffic visits.

Use your blog to create income. Audio Advertising is the next big thing if not already.

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