Monday, January 21, 2008

Normally I am not into politics...

Have you been watching the caucuses that are occurring around the country? I don't normally get into politics but I have been disgusted for the last eight years that I thought - maybe it's time to get involved. I know many of you out there are with me on this.

I just always remember the Bill Clinton years fondly. There were plenty of money to go around, everybody was happy and appreciating what life has to offer. The days were filled with fun memories of a 'cool' President who played the sax and a handsome one too! When President Bush came to power, I gave him a chance. Maybe he has some good that he could offer. But year after year, I became very disappointed. Our economy is in shambles, unemployment is up, and inflation is up. Our young men are being killed in a war that doesn't make sense.

So, I am here to Promote Hillary Clinton. I have always admired her courage, her resilience and toughness when it comes to leadership. A woman who commands her presence and experienced enough to know that she can clean up the mess this administration has created. Barrack Obama may be strong but he is inexperienced. In my mind, who else could run this country better than Hillary. Do you think that while she's in office, Bill Clinton would not provide her the advice and knowledge that he has about running the Oval office? As a team, I believe that they would do well together.

This brings me to my point. You still have enough time to register to vote. I have already registered and this is the first time that I am voting. I am voting for Hillary. And if you think nothing is wrong with the administration right now, think again. I was browsing Youtube the other night and I found this powerful song,"Dear Mr. President" sang by Pink. I felt goosebumps. I think you would understand. Watch and listen.

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