Friday, February 29, 2008

Did I already tell you how I love sleep?

I don't know what is it about guys sleeping that gets me going. They just seem so peaceful and calm and you know how boys could be when they are awake. Sleeping guys are definitely on the top of my list. Specially when they sleep in the buff. Something is so manly about it. I love to sleep as much as the next guy. What's better than clean sheets, fresh pillows and a guy at your side? Nothing. Have a great weekend bros!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spock'em. You'll find 'em!

Spock is a free people and information search engine that takes information on people from all across the Web and organizes it in an easy to search format. People can be searched by name, e-mail or by a "tag" -a more personal piece of information (e.g. lawyer, web developer, blind, curly hair, etc). These tags can be created by the user themselves, or by other Spock members. Opinions can be voiced about a person by voting on a tag or picture. Within a search result are links to a person's other locations on the web (e.g. MySpace, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, blog, etc). In addition we released a Trust Network which allows you to personalize your search so that any Spock connection you have will show up first-even if it's within an extended network of your friends (ie if you searched for Physicist- rather than Isaac Newton being first, your physicist friend would).

What do you normally search on through Google or Yahoo? Are you loooking for individuals or as I call it people search? Specific demographic? Wait till you go to Spock. - A Great Place for Search, is amazing when it comes to performing people search. You can even advertise your own business by using tags that you create yourselves or created by other Spock members. You can search certain words that pertain to you interest and it will provide you more than you expected. Let's try a few and see how we get our results okay? I will show you how easy it is to perform people search on

I'm going to perform a search for pro-choice Presidential candidates. Look at the result below.

Or a more interesting one - Brazilian Models.

If you're looking for a realtor in New York, let's try - Zip Realtors in New York.

Did you see the results? Spock is a powerful people search engine tool that delivers results that you need. Check it out. Registration is free!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is it about fetishes? Photographer Slava Mogutin captures images that makes you go uhhhhmmmm....

I'm certain that everyone has them. They may not talk about it or simply ignore it. There is a negative view of fetishism that dates back in the 1800s. It was considered at one point, an illness or a maladjusted form of sexual behaviour. Certain studies mention it as a case of sexual admiration of inanimate objects. Although there are some that I would consider normal, some that can be outgrown - there are also extreme cases and would be considered abnormal.

According to Wikipedia, "Sexual fetishism is the sexual attraction to material and terrestrial objects while in reality the essence of the object is inanimate and sexless. Body parts may also be the subject of sexual fetishes (also known as partialism) in which the body part preferred by the fetishist takes a sexual precedence over the owner. Sexual fetishism may be regarded as a disorder of sexual preference, or as an enhancing element to a relationship.

The concept has its origins in the 18th century with Charles de Brosses' theory of fetishism as a primary stage in the evolution of a religion, and from the advent of psychosexual/psychodynamic theories of society and individuals in 19th century Europe by (amongst others) psychologist Alfred Binet, German philosopher Max Dessoir, and Sigmund Freud." Read the full text here.

In my point of view, the stating the "normal fetish" is obvious when you know that the objects aren't required to function sexually. It may add to your excitement but not "the reason" for the excitement. Let's look at the images captured by Slava Mogutin and see for ourselves. Some are a little too graphic for this site hence, I didn't post them.

Slava Mogutin captures the images which are thought-provoking to say the least. However, that is not the only subject matter he covers. He does photograph military guys a lot (I wonder what his fetish is?) ;) The photos appear so real and unrehearsed that makes you wonder and ask, "How much of this image reflect my own inhibitions?"

To see his other works, visit Slava Mogutin's Wesite

Credits: Images are from different sources on the internet including the photographer's website.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Read before you play.

All of us are newbies at something at certain times in our lives. Remember when your dad used to hold the seat of your bike while you learned how to ride it? You needed support until you were able to go about it on your own. It is similar to everything in life. The more experienced teacher could provide us more experienced and clear instructions.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Everybody sleeps....

Do you remember that? It's a segment on Sesame Street that shows pictures of animals and people, young and old - - I love sleep. If I could sleep forever, I would. There's not a better day to sleep than on days like today. It was cold, it was snowing and wet outside. I wanted to sleep in and I forgot, work was in the way. Sheesh!

Anyways.. for you bros - - here are shots of our male beauties sleeping - hope you enjoy them... Have a great weekend dudes!