Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do you flirt with straight guys?

My buddy at work and I had a little spat last week. He was travelling in Houston while I was stationed at the Corporate Headquarters in Philadelphia. We both work on the same project that has been going on for more than a year and frankly, we're both frustrated. Generally, in I.T., we are allowed to communicate through Instant Messenger and we usually flirt with each other. Don't get me wrong. He knows I'm gay and I know he's straight but we just enjoy it.

I got upset with him about something, I forget the reason why but he knew it from the tone of my voice to him over the phone.

He sends me an IM:

Are we fighting?

I responded.

Kidding with me, he said:

Is it over? If so, I want my stuff back!

I just smiled, melted and forgave him. I was just really having a bad week. So, we're buddies again. I love straight guys. ;)

So boys - - here we go!

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