Monday, March 24, 2008

I love slots! Yes, that's with an "O"! =)

Ever since I stepped foot in Atlantic City and played slots, I never played anything else. It's fun for me. It relieves stress, it makes you forget about the rest of the world. You are concentrated on one thing - - hitting the jackpot.

My sister always told me to play the maximum, otherwise - I would be kicking myself in the rear if I do win the jackpot. I used to go to AC a lot. I haven't gone recently - although I found an alternative online. I can download Free Slots online and play to my heart's content. It's a fun thing for me. I remember while playing in AC, I actually memorize when the money will pay out and how. I can play for hours with just 20 bucks and gain all my comps that way.

If you don't want to spend the money traveling neither to Vegas or AC, try downloading Free Slots online. You can have so much fun with it.

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