Thursday, April 10, 2008

As I get older..

Pausing a bit of our regular posts to talk about how real life has become for me. I never used to talk about money, or investments, 401K and the like. I left that to the "older ones" to figure out. I always thought that money grows on trees and there's an unlimited amount available for me. Things have changed now. As I grew older "and wiser", I realized that if I don't think about these now, retirement is going to creep up on me and a lot of time and money would have been gone.

I started early with my investments and using the mutual funds direction gave me a bit of a head start. My money grew exponentially and I am really proud of that. Now, I've started looking into other investments such as maximizing my 401K at work, purchasing bonds and all sorts of ways I can think of to make my money grow. Another one that has peaked my interest is Forex or Foreign Exchange.

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