Friday, April 25, 2008

I need a stress-reliever. Work sucks!!

Whether I go on vacation or whether I stay at home - I would rather be doing something fun. I am not one who goes on vacation, only to find out that I need a vacation from a vacation. I want to relax and enjoy. It doesn't matter if I get tired or exhausted as long as I saw what I needed to see.

But lately, work has been killing me. I cannot even relax. I usually take a trip to the casinos once every two months. Just hang out, get a room and party. I like gambling and I enjoy it. I am not a heavy gambler but I enjoy the chance of winning something. Sometimes I just play all night.. and if you get a good slot machine, you could spend hours on end without losing much.

Recently,I discovered the Online Casino. No need to pack my bags, no need to get dressed up to the nines just to visit the casinos. I can plan a budget and enjoy the feeling of being in the casinos right in my own bedroom. The only caution I have to take is using my credit cards because I don't actually see th cash going out of my pocket. It could be a little overboard but you just have to know your limits and make sure you stand by it.

If you do that, you are in for a lot of fun without stepping out of your home. How about that?

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