Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Remembering my childhood with my siblings.

I have five siblings. My brothers are quite the jokesters who play tricks on younger siblings. I am the youngest so I did get the brunt of the pranks and jokes but they're all fond memories now. One thing they taught me was to play Blackjack. We would play cards for hours and they would add card tricks in between to break the monotony. I've now played blackjack with buddies and somehow, we do play it still during family reunions and my nephews are quite sharks at it.

I'm the only one who doesn't live nearby any of my siblings. They're split between two States and I'm the only one in a totally different State. So whenever I feel the urge to play Blackjack, I go online and play Blackjack Online Casinos. The greatest thing about it is the data they provide on their site about other casinos and online guides and rules to play Blackjack online. I would play for fun and reminisce at the same time. Family is really a priority and I do try to visit them every chance I get but when I don't have the opportunity to visit and play Blackjack, I just go online. I usually visit Blackjack Stats.

Blackjack Stats is a strategy and rules guide to playing blackjack online. In addition to this, they offer reviews of reputable online casinos that offer fair odds for playing blackjack. Most of the blackjack casinos listed have been around for many years. All of the online casinos have been played at and approved by the team at Blackjack Stats.

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