Thursday, April 17, 2008

There are things I don't approve of..

This is just a side post. I agree with consensual relationships. If adults would like to be together regardless of their sexual orientation - it is fine with me. As long as it is consensual. A relationship between consenting adults are as good as a certificate to me.

I am against anything that has to do with minors. As you can see, all my posts here are at least for adults. I don't post anything here that resembles, even just a tad - of that of minors. An awareness has to be raised that children or minors must be protected from predators. Pedophiles are not welcome. Just think, what would you do if the victim is your own child?

That's why I think there needs to be protection. There are even talks about Child GPS systems to be put in place to make sure that our children are protected from predators such as pedophiles. You will know exactly where your child is. The only issue I have with that is the "Big Brother" issue. I could hardly imagine someone tracking my every move.

Do you think a child should have a GPS tracking device on them? What about a baby, teenager or special needs child. You can find out where they go and where they have been in an instant. Did the nanny really take your child to the park while you were at work? What is your view on this? Is a Child GPS reasonable?

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