Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blackjack Statistics

Fond of playing Online Blackjack? Get a load of more than 20,000 tables and charts, best blackjack sites review and downloads. A site that offers you the best in online gaming experience. It is a repository of Online Blackjack statistics and probabilities culled from simulations and arranged in tables. Calculators and Blackjack charts are also included along with online blackjack rules and the basic strategy tables.

The site offers great features such as a Repository table giving you a set of five dropdown boxes to make your choice of tables. You can even sort and resort the tables using this feature. After you've made your selection - you can therefore go to the table desired by following the links provided.

Blackjack Stats is a one of a kind guide to online blackjack with more than 20,000 tables and charts. Learn the basic blackjack strategy as well as advanced strategies teaching you the proper move no matter what the situation. also offers reviews of blackjack online casinos and quick download links.

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