Friday, May 2, 2008

It's not that difficult if you know the rules

Blackjack as I thought, was a game for the experienced players. I have always stayed away from Blackjack tables whenever I go to casinos because I always feel like everyone's watching me. I would rather play the slot machines with no one around me. It was a complex I think.

Recently though, I decided to fight those battles. What is it that makes me weak. I feel weak whenever I am in public display and I really hate the feeling. So, I decided to pull myself together and told myself that I will learn to play Blackjack so I can go to the casinos and prove that I no longer have the stop-looking-at-me-complex.

I went online and played Blackjack by learning all the rules and information about the game. The game is free. I can play the game and learn my strategies without feeling inferior. I think I'm getting better at it everyday. They have everything laid out on the site to help me understand the game. They also have Texas Holdem, Slots and Poker. One day, I will drive to Atlantic City and show the world that I've beaten my complex. One day...

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