Friday, May 9, 2008

T>G>I>F > I had to take off work today..

I wasn't feeling well for about a month now. I get tired so easily and I usually run out of breath just climbing up a flight of stairs. It seems weird because I am really healthy and quite in great shape. So I decided to go to my doctor to get some blood tests done. They couldn't find anything except I'm anemic which he says could be the reason why I get fatigued easily. He prescribed some iron pills and vitamin C to be taken daily. He was a bit concerned that my blood count is really low so I was ordered to get a procedure done today. It came out that there's really nothing wrong. Further tests need to be done so I have to make another appointment. I'm glad that there's nothing serious going on. I just want to get my energy back so I can go back to the gym. Besides, summer is just around the corner. Hope everyone's having a fun Friday - - enjoy your weekend mates!

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