Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are you looking for a new hobby?

I didn't play much sports while growing up. I hate to be intimidated in front of people I don't know so I really never participated much. I usually sit in the background and watch. It's my thing. I can watch sports but I could never participated in it. I tried baseball, golf, basketball and even tennis. It just never suited me. I would like to be more active but I'd rather go to the gym and work out by myself. It's a lot less stressful.

One thing I did learn where I can be comfortable is playing pool. While in high school, we had a billiard hall a few blocks away from school. My buddies would ask me to play and just for fun, I tried it. I actually enjoyed it a lot and I wouldn't mind playing a round or two when I'm with friends these days. I am not a serious pool player but my buddies are. Some of them own their own pool cues that they bring along with them whenever we get a chance to play.

Hey - whatever rocks your boat man. Specially if the guys are good. When they bring out their own pool cue before a game - that's when I know that it's going to be a serious game. I mean, if you are an enthusiast - maybe it feels better to have your own pool cue because you're used to it and you can pretty much handle the game to your liking.

Wanna play pool anyone?

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