Saturday, June 14, 2008

A fun way of playing poker.

Dudes - I never thought I would ever play poker in my life. There was a time when my brothers tried to teach me and I really couldn't figure it out. It seemed too complicated and my brain was not considering memorizing all the rules to have fun. That wasn't fun for me. If I want to do that, I'll just pull my own teeth, it's just as fun.

Not until they taught me about Texas Holdem! It's the best way to play poker and I liked it from the start. It's an easy game to play and the bluffing challenges me. Now I got know what they mean by "poker face". I play it all the them with my buds at home. They will come on a Saturday and we'll play until the next morning. It's that much fun.

You can actually get online and play Texas Holdem and even learn the strategies on how to play it if you haven't been exposed to it. They provide you the best sites that provide the game. There are online poker rooms with the best tournament and you can play for free, get to know the rules first before playing it for real.

Have you ever played? It's fun dudes!!

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