Monday, July 21, 2008

I have my ways. ;)

My sister and my nephew were in Atlantic City last week. They spent a whole week there and I was so jealous. I couldn't even take off from work as I have already scheduled my vacation to Montreal at the end of the month. So, I just stayed home over the weekend and went online to play. Microgaming Casinos has over 120 online casinos, the largest casino software provider in the world!! They have over 300 games that you can choose from and you can choose your favorite game - be it table games, slots, bingo or poker. The poker rooms alone are huge that they call it an empire. It's exactly the same as playing live casino poker except online, you don't have to provide a tip if you win. :D

What's pretty cool is that they have enabled their online games to be played using your cell phone as well?! Jeesh! I have to be more careful as I play because now that I know I can play anytime and anywhere, I need and extra control. To think that they have already provided over $225,000,000 in slot machine jackpots, they are not a small outfit who's here and will be gone tomorrow. They still allow U.S. players to sign up where it is not forbidden. There are however 11 states who cannot be included so you may want to check your state laws before signing up.

Have a happy week!

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