Sunday, July 27, 2008

So, you're not a gamer.. how about a casual gamer?

I was browsing through some game sites recently and I agree, not all of us are online gamers. But there's a handful that likes to play casual games. Have you ever played game boy or atari or super mario brothers? These are what I call casual games. If you like them, there is an online store specifically targeted for gamers like you. is an online site that has the best casual games that you can download for free! If you want to play the Nancy Drew games, they have them or Spa Mania where you play an animal activist petitioning the cosmetics industry and she starts an earth-friendly spa. You can use this game to practice your time-management skills to please your guests or managing the spa for profit. So it will be good for business-minded people out there as well.

How about playing Farmer Jane where you tend a farm and grow all kinds of animals and sell them for profit. You can even experience the change in seasons while tending to your farm and be challenged with it. You can have a free download of the games offered on the site and play it at your own leisure. Purchase the full game if you like it or just play it for fun.

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