Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It was resolved. Talking does count.

Well, now I'm back to my old self. I was finally able to resolve what put me in a bad mood yesterday. It was actually refreshing to voice out your anger. It really helps. In anything, I've always been the clam. I never speak when I'm angry. I usually keep it bottled up inside and that gets me in trouble a lot. I just find myself exploding one day for no reason.. and it's not good for your health as well. So, this experience is a growth experience for me. You can resolve things easily if you talk about it. Hiding it just makes things worse.

So, after going to the gym tonight - I sat the person down - talked about the issue and wham, it's done. No sense in holding it in. Express yourself. On that note... hope everyone is having a great week!


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