Monday, August 4, 2008

Montreal is the next place I'd like to live in....

Yes bros! I just got back from Montreal and boy was it an experience. This was my first time there and I've got lots of stories to tell. Wait for the pictures as well because I'm ready to show you what this quaint town has to offer. Lots and lots of things to do and the people (oh the people) - they are the best!

While driving through Montreal, I saw a sign that pointed to Montreal Casino. You all know me by now. I dabble in slot machines once in a while and do play cards as well. I didn't get to go to the Casino because there were other things like I said that was more interesting to me being in a new city and all.

Once we got to our hotel and had a bit of fun roaming around the city, the rest of the group took a rest while I went online and played Online Casino. I was a bit tired too so instead of playing, I just went to find out if there were any sites online that would give me indications on the best online casinos I could find. I found It's a database filled with information on casino forums, poker blogs and general online gambling guides. If you are new to online casino gambling and would like to know more about where to play, is a good starting point. They also have a list of the top rated online casinos if you wanted to get started playing right away.

The next time I play, I know where to go now and find the best gaming sites I could find to play with the best bang for my buck. How about you?

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