Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sore, sore, sore - and I love it!

It's true that working out has its three stages. The pre-workout, during the workout and the post-workout. I had a session with my hot trainer yesterday and we really did some damage yeseterday. He's working to get me toned up at the core so we did a lot of circuit training. I need to lose several stubborn pounds and do not want to gain any mass until I lose those pounds. He's been very careful with me and I really appreciate it a lot. Sometimes, I think it's wishful thinking but I think he likes me. Ha!

The three stages I'm speaking of are the following:

Pre-workout - I am really excited to train with him as I make my way to the gym.

During the workout - I wish I hadn't. The pain of the workout killed me.

Post-workout - I am so very glad I came. I did something to reach my goal.

So folks - if you feel like you can't do this - YOU CAN! Just make up your mind and head to the gym.

Have a nice weekend guys!

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