Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ultimate Male Beauty - Male Model Brent Van Sant

Arrrghhh.. I am so exhausted. I had to pick up a colleague from the airport today coming from Germany. They were very hospitable to me while I was there for a month so I had to return the favor. There seems to be a difference in the way we, as Americans get treated overseas. They give us their all, while we can't event spend a bit of time with them when they are here. We usually give them cab fare and tell them - - here's the directions to your hotel.

While I was in Asia last year, I could feel the hospitality from everyone. They took time on weekends to tour me around and every night, they had something planned for me ensuring that I would enjoy my stay while I was there. The same goes for Germany. So this time, even if I was so exhausted - I made it a point that I took my colleague out to dinner and had a few drinks with him before I dropped him off at his hotel. He seemed to appreciate it. I hope so. What would you do if I were you?

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