Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What would you do with $7.6 million dollars?

I was speaking to a colleague here at work yesterday after my meeting the the big wigs. We go to talking about her retirement and why she hasn't retired yet at the age of 62. She tells me that she would go out of her mind because she has never been out of a job ever since she started working. Then, we got to talking about Atlantic City since she is about to retire and enjoy going there as I do. Slots seems to be her favorite thing and she tells me that she enjoys the five cent machines more than the dollar machines because of the fact that there are no bonuses given on the dollar machines. Even though you sometimes spend more per bet, she enjoys it and would rather play the pennies and five cent machines rather than the dollar ones.

That got me thinking about AC as well but I really don't have any free weekend to go until October since I have my whole summer weekends are booked. It's a good thing that I can play online these days. What got me excited was one of her stories about a friend who's retired already that went with them to AC. The lady had one hundred dollars to play and since it was her birthday, she said she'll spend all of it. She was playing one of the nickel machines and she must have spent seventy five dollars already when she hit the jackpot of $7.6 million dollars. She will receive three hundred eighty five thousand dollars per year for twenty years!! I can only wish I'm that lucky!

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