Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Body Builders Jam....

My workout with my trainer Josh was good today. I can definitely notice the difference now. I am not as out-of-breath as I was when I first started so I can tell that he is starting to push me even harder today. More cardio and a bit of lifting. It was painful but I liked it a lot. Normally I would give up but this time, I just went for it. I took a few short breaks in between but overall, it was a great workout.

Did anyone watch Sarah Palin's speech tonight at the RNC? Charming? Yes. Funny? Yes. Guts? Yes. Substance? No! I didn't think there was any substance to her speech except to rally up their supporters. Don't get me wrong. I admire her courage in accepting this very delicate position of VeePee. I admire her as a mother of five children and a Governor at the same time. But what does she really have to offer other than that? Integrity? I have read some disturbing news about her claims. Like that Bridge to Nowhere... she said that she responded to the government, "Thanks, but no thanks!" She even repeated it tonight. It was already abandoned before she said no. It's not like she said no while the offer was on the table.

Oh well - I will wait for her debate with Joe Biden before I conclude my opinion of her. Tonight, I wasn't convinced. Were you? That's all folks!

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