Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A great weekend to relax. Nice weather, nice company...

Having a great weekend so far folks? I am having a blast! It was just a great weekend to relax and do absolutely nothing. Buddies came over bringing over food and drinks to have a mini Labor Day celebration. I had barbecued pork chops for everyone to share as well. Forget about my diet this weekend. It was a good break - I ate everything. I just tried to remember "portion control" all throughout. I would eat a piece of this and a piece of that but not going over the edge where I would stuff myself.

I'm still at an 8 lb loss, I was hoping it would be more than that by now. I'll keep working at it. I'll keep you guys posted.

Hey - the weather is great outside - go out after reading this post! Don't waste your day inside. :D

Here's Tommy G - a model, stripper, and a hot one at that.

Here's his introduction to his website:

Hello my fans! I�m back again Tommy G, the golden guy. This is my official yahoo fan group. The other one was deleted but I�m back to action again. I was born in Drexel Hill PA, close to Philadelphia. I have lived mostly in New Jersey and I grew up in Bordentown, New Jersey. My #1 professional interest is Fitness/Bodybuilding. As you�ll see in my portfolio I highly believe in taking care of myself, in dieting, working out, and taking vitamins everyday. I also go to extremes using only the top skin care products such as facial masks, body scrubs and anti wrinkle cream.

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