Monday, September 29, 2008

Milan, Italy is one cool place bros!

Alright, granted I only had a couple of days to see Milan but I must say - "It's a rockin' place dudes!" The food was magnificent, the sights, the scenes and the people were simply amazing! I don't understand how people in Italy stay so lean with all the food that they eat! I think it's because they take their time when they have dinner. They are not like us Americans who is rushing to finish anything including eating dinner. Dinners I had there lasted from three to four hours! It was enjoyable too!

I took the train to visit Como and took a boat ride on Lake Como and that was well worth it. The houses by the mountains were spectacular. I wonder how much they cost now! Anyway, glad to be back and hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Still jetlagged from the flight so I will be working (wink wink) from home today.

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