Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sheesh - the weekend went by so fast!

I had so much to do this weekend and the plan worked but not as much as I thought. It's already Sunday and I have done nothing extraordinary. I'm just a regular guy like all of you. I do laundry, drop off drycleaning, vacuum, clean and all that! Having a very busy life is not all that good either. I would rather pause once in a while and do nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And I do that. Sometimes I wouldn't care if the laundry has piled up to my neck or the dishes have been there for two days. I will sit and do nothing. But when I am in the mood of doing a lot - I do it. I could have sex, clean, exercise, go to work and go to school all in the same semester! This weekend was one of those and I just felt a bit disappointed in myself.

Hope everyone is having a much more productive weekend than I am!! (or at least having fun!)

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