Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Working out takes effort. Arrrgghh!!

This is the second time I had to cancel on my trainer. (Sorry Josh!) I just wasn't up to it. I was all gung ho this morning, excited to work out and of course - to see Josh. But later in the evening, after I started watching TV, I just changed my mind all of a sudden. I am kicking myself for it but I did re-schedule tomorrow evening. (He said he's going to punish me for not showing up tonight - should I get excited?!!)

It was just a long day today and I didn't feel like workin' out. I went to my dentist and had dental cleaning, on top of it - my dentist had to replace one of my fillings so they had to numb me. I hate that feeling...

Tomorrow's going to be another day - and hopefully my workout will pay off. I'm sure he's gonna make me do some 'burpies'!!!

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