Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yes Peeps - I gave in. ;)

I went to AC yesterday, Labor Day. I received a promotional bonus of $150.00 USD to play at one of the resorts and I thought - well, that would be a good thing to do on Labor Day. I really wanted to do something anyway and since I'm only forty five minutes away from Atlantic City, I decided to go. You see, I'm not a big gamer. I only play for fun and I really like playing slots. Slot Machines are fun for me because it is very interactive, not the way that it used to be.

You have slots now that provide bonuses, interactive touch screens and many options to get your game more exciting than before. No more of those one line, waiting for the lucky sevens to fall in line and win something. The interactive machines will provide you many different ways to win. Even for the fact that it sometimes only provides you with the amount equal to the bet you just did, it's still an extra chance of winning something, or an extra bet. I just enjoy playing slots. It actually was a good day to play yesterday. I had fun.

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