Sunday, October 26, 2008

And then there were three...

I'd like to thank the folks who really showed their support not only for this blog but also showed concern about my health issues in the past two months. I am feeling a lot better now and although the doctors haven't found anything yet, I am optimistic. I have started taking vitamin supplements to get my energy levels up which seems to be working.

There are also the folks who gave me advice regarding heart matters. Thanks bros! Sometimes you need to hear it from someone else in order for it to make sense. You can only coach your mind so far and still not be able to believe the realities of it. Bouncing off my emotions to you guys has made a lot of difference in my decisions. I have been hanging out with my trainer for a month now, he has an ex-girlfriend, a current girl he's dating - and me. I figured that this is not going to be healthy and so did most of you. I decided to not continue my training with him after my last session this coming Tuesday. I think it would be better for me to hang out with him as a buddy than a trainer-trainee kind of thing. With that, I can let go of him without the commitment of training with him for another 32 sessions and be uncomfortable.

I had a great weekend and I hope that y'all did too!

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