Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's nice to go there but it's even nicer doing it at home.

I had fun with a couple of friends from my hometown in AC this past weekend. catching up was the best thing. Reminiscing was the best as well because we laughed so hard about the things we did way back when and didn't know how to explain why! After a few hours of talking we decided to play slots. We all agreed that our ethnicity has something to do with how we all like to go to casinos. It seems a part of our culture and a good way to relieve stress.

I talked to one of them about the only thing I hate about going to Atlantic City is the drive. It is way too taxing to drive all that way only to play. She asked me if I have ever tried playing through an Online Casino. You play at the convenience of your own home with no stress in traffic or even the simple effort to drive all that way just to play. I told her that I have tried many and I had been very careful as well because not all Online Casinos are reputable. Has anyone among you played online? I don't know what it is but I find playing online is as much fun as playing in AC. One thing I don't play in AC that I play online is Black Jack. I just can't sit next to all these players and let them know I'm an amateur. Otherwise, I fear being mocked for not knowing what I'm doing. I just feel that any move that I make affects the outcome of the cards dealt to them so I don't play that there but I play it online.

Maybe after much practice online, I could get up the courage to play in AC. But until then, playing Black Jack will purely be online for me.

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