Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanks for the concern! WOW! I'm surprised!

Alright folks. I know that there are a few of you out there reading this blog. I can't name the names because you are either anonymous or a secret subscriber ;) >All 184 of you! I really enjoy sharing these pictures with you because like every other guy, we all know we want to have a healthy and great looking physique. If we can manage to juggle all of life's daily challenges, workout, eat right and all - the world will be perfect right? But that just isn't so. So we do our best and we struggle to maintain a good physique, try not to eat too many donuts in the morning and maintain a regular and balanced diet.

Well, since I posted the note that I am not feeling quite myself recently, I received tons of emails simply telling me to get well soon, that they enjoy the blog and hope that the doctors find whatever it is that's wrong with my health. I am simply touched! I knew I had readers, but I didn't know I have readers who cared for ME! It was nice to know. Thanks bros! I'll try to keep on as much as I can. You'll know I'm really having a tough time when this blog stops. Right now, I'm alright.

Thanks peeps!!

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