Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm back folks! I was away for a bit.. taking care of stuff.

The good news is, I'm doing very well. I have started taking vitamins and it seems to work for me. I am back in the gym - full force... the bad news is, I had to be away for a while to attend a buddy's dad's funeral. Don't mean to bring you down - it's just a fact of life. Yes, it's sad but I think it's for the best. My buddy's dad has suffered enough and due to heart-related illnesses and other complications, he went into coma last Tuesday and had no way of recovery. It's a tough decision but his will stated that he wanted them to let him go if that happens. And they did.

He lived a good life. He is in a better place now and may his soul rest in peace.

Life happens - just make sure you are prepared and your financial standing is good so that your loved ones left behind won't have to suffer. He did all of that - which makes his passing a less stressful one.

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