Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is there such a thing as harmless flirting?

I love to flirt. I was probably flirting the moment I was born. Is it bad? I don't know. I enjoy the attention and I enjoy the dance that goes into it. It's like a ritual - who's going to give in first? I never had the freedom to flirt with guys. I always had to hide my feelings because I wasn't out. It took me years to accept who I am and before I knew it, many years have gone by.

Even today, I am still afraid to admit that I'm gay at my workplace. I know that they know it but they are afraid to confront me. Or maybe I give out the signal that, "It's none of their business!"

I would like to be free though. Who cares right? What if I like guys? Is that so much of a big deal nowadays? Not really. I have many straight friends who is fine with it as much as the next guy. I really think I should be able to flirt if I want to.. but when is it safe to flirt? I never flirt at work - - that's a big NO NO. But I do flirt everywhere else. The problem here would be - -when people flirt back.. What do you do with it?

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