Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've been hanging out at Facebook all week!

I couldn't help it. I'm on Facebook first thing in the morning and still on Facebook at the end of the evening. I update my status almost every four hours and I really find it fun! I've met all kinds of individuals that I wouldn't have met otherwise, and re-connected with long-lost friends I never thought I would ever talk to again! It's amazing. Are you on Facebook?! Every one and their brother are on it! I was surprised to find high school classmates there as well.

What gets me are those people with thousands and thousands of friends? Do they really know those people? Come on! It's addictive so be careful. Once you join, you will be hooked. There are lots of applications there such as giving out drinks, playing poker, building a farm and many other games you can get busy with. Just hope that it doesn't get so popular that it would be banned in your workplace. It has definitely decreased the amount of productivity for workers. No wonder it was banned in other countries. Take a peek.. you might like it! ;)

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