Friday, November 7, 2008

Poker this weekend? Anyone?

I haven't played poker in a while. The last time I played poker was probably three weeks ago and I had a blast. My buddies and I gather on weekends - no ladies, just us guys and play poker. This is a game I never thought I would learn. When I was taught how to play Texas Hold'em, I couldn't stay away from it anymore. I mean, we simply play for fun. We're not professional poker players but it's really a stress-relieving activity for us.

Since the poker game is usually held at my house, I was thinking of getting looking around at Poker Tables. I can order it online - and probably get the best deal if I could buy in bulk if my buddies would go in with me. We go around each house every weekend anyway so I'm sure that if we all buy at the same time, we could get the discount that we need. I may just go out on a limb and get poker chips (in clay) as well. There's nothing like the real thing baby.

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